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yaffas is for "yet another framework for administrating servers" and is a project for developing exactly this: a framework with a graphical administration interface for the easy administration of servers.

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17.06.14 04:30
Finale version of yaffas 1.4.0

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the final version of yaffas-1.4.0. The...

02.04.14 00:46
Release of the first beta version yaffas 1.4.0

The highlights include Debian 7 (wheezy) support, Zarafa 7.1.9 and a re-worked mail...

17.03.14 13:36
Release yaffas 1.3.2-5

The package repositories have been updated to include Zarafa 7.1.8 (R1 [44004]), WebApp 1.5, Z-Push...

21.10.13 13:24
Integration of Zarafa 7.1.7 and WebApp 1.4

The recently published Zarafa version 7.1.7 is now available through the yaffas package repository....